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As a unique feature to our festival, we are privileged to have Daniel Godfrey to be offering free verbal appraisal advice at our event as time allows and purchase of admission.  These sessions are open but they are first come first serve. All items would need to be small enough to be carried in and we will not appraise weapons of any kind.  Our goal is to limit sessions to less than 10 minutes each so that we can see as many items as possible.  You would need to be patient if the line is long.    As of now the appraisals will be available on Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 3:00.  The appraisals give onsite are an overall insight and limited due to this service being free with paid admission.  A more in-depth appraisal appointment can be setup at a later day for a charge after the festival.  Please make sure all items are sanitized and you wear gloves while handling it onsite.  We will have other precautions onsite to make sure you and our appraiser have a safe and clean interaction. 

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